Making space for a better life on Earth
Astrium's first step in
corporate social responsibility

Making space for a better life on Earth

Astrium's first step towards corporate social responsibility

Astrium & CSR

Governance & Methodology


THE IDEA: a bottom-up approach to reinforcing our company culture

Our approach to CSR reflects the way we work in Astrium: ambitious, yet pragmatic, inclusive, yet wide-ranging. It’s a vision firmly anchored in – and shaped by – our corporate culture and our employees. When we launched our CSR programme we began with a question: what CSR initiatives were our employees already doing? The answers, from our sites around the world, revealed Astrium employees were already helping link the company to local communities, actively managing its environmental impact, and ensuring that the business was acting responsibly. These efforts inspired the decision to move CSR at Astrium one step further and make it a company-wide policy.

THE FIRST STEP: a strategic framework for our CSR commitment

We began by appointing a CSR board of representatives from all our business units and corporate departments. Chosen by the members of Astrium’s Executive Committee, the board’s members’ role is to define and implement the CSR strategy and ensure words become actions. They are also helped by a 50-strong community of volunteer CSR ambassadors from all sites who channel the information about existing CSR initiatives – gathered on the ground and on Astrium’s internal social-networking platform – up to board members. An analysis of the initial feedback was then used to structure the strategic pillars that now make up the company’s first CSR policy.

THE NEXT STEP: creating value across the company

We know that this is simply the first step in a long journey, but at Astrium we undoubtedly have experience in turning grand visions into reality. So over the coming year we will establish a task force for each CSR pillar, with each one refining our processes and methodologies. They will then work on the performance indicators by which we can measure our progress and hold ourselves accountable every year.

As we move to embed the new policy at the heart of Astrium, this first CSR report can be seen as a new launch pad for our mission of helping to create a better life on Earth.

Patrice de Lanversin
Head of Corporate Communications & CSR at Astrium

Education and Citizenship

What if we could shape a better society together?

Passionate about space - it's history and potential - Astrium has a tradition of strong relationships with schools and universities. Our success as leader in space systems comes from our talented engineers who have benefitted from the best programmes the international education system can offer.
We invest in our future by inspiring young talent and our need for scientific excellence means that we must continually pioneer new frontiers of education and innovation.
From active participation in local communities to partnerships with global NGOs, this is the beginning of a journey that aims to take Astrium's corporate citizenship to new heights.



Operations and Environment

What if we could better protect the planet together?

For Astrium, its customers and partners, protecting the environment and securing long-term sustainability go hand in hand. So we carefully manage the impact of operations at each of our sites, while promoting innovation and eco-design for tomorrow’s projects. Astrium’s space technologies, products and solutions help our partners and customers measure and monitor the Earth and its changes. This is our contribution to creating a more sustainable society, the starting point in our drive to become an eco-efficient company.



Our People and Integrity

What if we could do better business together?

People are at the heart of Astrium’s success. We engage in mentoring, training and dialogue to prepare our 17,000 employees to face future challenges. We nurture an inclusive company culture where diversity in all forms is recognized as key to our competitiveness and appeal as an industry. this is proven through our commitment to ethics and responsibility, to becoming a more attractive place to work and being a role model company for the industry.




Our Key Objectives